Hi, Welcome !

Hi, Welcome !

Refashion My Town help young people find their identity and purpose, by building a community of co-creators and collaborators for a more sustainable future, through pre-loved fashion, music and art.

We sell pre-loved clothing, run sewing/mending workshops and events from our high street store on Borough Parade, Chippenham.

Opening Times:
Monday – Tuesdays Closed
Wednesday – Fridays 1 – 5pm
Saturdays 11 -5 pm
Sundays Closed

Telephone: 01249 247462

The Latest

Blog ➤ May 18, 2022

Fast fashion and how to avoid it

Fashion comes and goes, with new trends constantly resurfacing its way to local brands and local highstreets. Whilst fashion is a way to express ourselves, fashion has taken a darker turn at the expense of…

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Blog ➤ May 18, 2022

The Queen’s fashion

The 21st of April 2022  marks the 96th birthday of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II of England. Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st April 1926 yet she still celebrates her birthday twice! The…

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Blog ➤ May 18, 2022

Fashion Revolution Week Starts now

Fashion revolution is now upon us! Starting from Monday 18th April to Sunday 24th April 2022, Fashion revolution week will take place. This week is an annual campaign orchestrated by Fashion Revolution in a bid…

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Blog ➤ June 4, 2022

Happy World Environment Day:)

World Environment Day will be celebrated on Sunday 5th June 2022! Just like in previous years, World Environment Day will be celebrated by millions of people across the world through online and in-person events! Climate…

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Art ➤ May 18, 2022

The Art Of Colour Therapy 

Colour therapy also known as chromotherapy is a form of therapy that is based on the idea of using colour to help treat mental health and physical health. This has been debated for many years…

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Blog ➤ June 16, 2022

Join the Refill Revolution

Small changes do add up and you can start now! The 16th of June is World Refill Day to raise awareness of plastic pollution and to help people live with less waste! This global movement…

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Be Part of Our Community


We do workshops and classes to help teach you some useful skills, both as a group and more bespoke 1-2-1.

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We run regular fashion swaps, open mic sessions, movie nights … and other fun stuff that our community suggest to us.

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Collaborate with us

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to collaborate with our community.

Get in touch

We would love to connect if you would like to invite us to your school or event for a talk about our work and/or a sustainability topic.

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Guides and Scouts Groups

We can help your guides or scouts learn sewing/mending skills to help then achieve one of their badges.

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1-2-1 lessons

We now offer 1-2-1 lessons in sewing, music and art. These lessons will be customised to your needs. Get in touch with us to discuss.

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What People say about Refashion My Town:

  • RMT is a brilliant, forward-thinking project. Truly filling a gap in the system, by educating young people; and giving then the tools to actually make an effective difference in the world. There is hope for the planet yet !

    Jade S

  • I was lucky enough to volunteer with Refashion Chippenham for a couple of months. I think its a great project to get the community involved in sustainable fashion and hope it continues to be supported going forward.

    Anna S

  • The Refashion My Town team is amazing. Truly inspiring the work that they are doing for the community and sustainable fashion. They have a natural ability to inspire, educate and teach others.

    Cole S

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