Fashion for many, is a tool for self-expression or even for re-invention of self. 

The way we dress is a visual manifestation to the world about who we are & how we would like to be perceived by others.

Although, rightly or wrongly, people make a judgement of our character, based on the way we dress, getting dressed is not only about showcasing ourselves to the public, it also works as a way to potentially transform the way we feel about ourselves at a particular moment. 

Wearing something cheerful and bright may actually make us feel cheerful and bright, even if only momentarily. 

Fashion impacts our mood, emotion & self-confidence. 

Media’s Influence On What’s Choose To Wear

Whether you see the style of models over the internet or the style of your friends at a party, don’t forget that your closet should be all about YOU !  

If I ask what makes you feel relaxed and what you want to wear.

The answer to this question may be completely different to different people, depending on their personality and style. 

There is no problem in knowing what is trending at a particular time and admiring someone’s style, but getting completely influenced by them doesn’t make any sense, because they are not YOU ! Always focus on your individuality and let your personality shine through your style. Don’t let the world steal your personality, simply because they are NOT you. 

The question to ask yourself is: is this an expression of my true self or am I just following a trend ? 

Outfit To Boost Your Mood

Fashion is a great mood booster, so make sure you fill your wardrobe with clothes that make you feel confident & comfortable.

Don’t wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, because it will affect your mood. True or not ?

Whenever you feel sad and low, your outfits can help boost your mood. 

Bright and cheery outfits have been proven to improve the wearer’s mood. Likewise, baggy clothes in muted colours may provide you with the comfort that you need. 

A 2012 study conducted by Professor Karen Pine (Psychologist, Author & Speaker), observed that 57% of women agreed that whenever they are depressed. They used to wear a baggy top while 2% wear the same when they are feeling happy.

Similarly, 62% of women wear their favourite dress whenever they are happy ,compared to 6% women wear them when sad.

Your clothes are not only for displaying style, but it can also bring a sense of self-confidence but only if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Some people can wear a sack and look amazing …… and THAT is the power of self-confidence. Clothes, in my opinion, is just a tool to enhance YOU and your personality, so as long as you are comfortable being you, you can’t go wrong. 

Create a wardrobe that compliments you & your personality.

What are your thoughts on this ?

Can one wear “the wrong” clothes ? 

Is clothes a form of self-expression, even when you are following trends ??

How important is clothes to you ?