Brand new shop now open in Chippenham!  

Our shop sells preloved clothes for teens and young adults and it’s a place to inspire people to rethink fashion. We are running free mending workshops where you can get creative and personalise your own clothes. 

Our mission is to help young people re-fashion and mend their clothing in order to help reduce textile waste so that the fashion industry will be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

To become part of this very exciting project, you can donate your clothing, volunteer, shop at their shop and join their workshops.

Colourful hats and bags on a stand in front of a mural

Check it out!

13 Borough Parade, Chippenham

10.30 – 5 pm Mon to Sat

The online shop will be live soon…

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Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance

Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance

Saturday 23rd October 2021 – 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Learn how to take care of your machine. Save money and frustration when your machine isn’t performing correctly. Learn to properly clean, oil and troubleshoot your machine, and make necessary adjustments.

You can bring your own machine, or learn on ours.

No skills necessary

Learn How to Sew New Items Using Old Denim

Learn How to Sew New Items Using Old Denim

Thursday 28th October 2021 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm

A fun workshop looking at a variety of ways to upcycle one of the most versatile materials. A structure-free workshop with a huge range of resources available. Try new techniques, let loose with the scissors or sew a new item from old denim. Let your imagination run wild!

No skills necessary

Use our materials or bring your own denim items.

Sock Monsters!  (adult free with a child)

Sock Monsters! (adult free with a child)

Sunday 31st October 2021 – 11:00am to 12:00pm

Join us for some spooky fun! Channel your inner Dr Frankenstein and create a monster from unloved odd socks! Will yours be dark and scary, or bright and funny? Either way, these cuddly monsters are bound to be a big hit with kids from 1-100 years old!

This workshop is suitable for anyone, including children. Children can bring an adult for free!

No skills necessary, but we will be using sharp scissors and needles, so parental supervision is essential for young children.

How to Make Bags out of Preloved T-shirts (The Town Pantry)

How to Make Bags out of Preloved T-shirts (The Town Pantry)

Wednesday 17th November 2021 – Arrive from 9:30am for a 10:00am start.

Use preloved t-shirts to make and decorate fun shopping bags. These bags you can use not just for shopping but anything you would like.

The good thing about these t-shirt bags is that they can carry lots of heavy objects because they are lightweight and elastic, which means they can fit the shape of almost anything you put in them. 

All materials provided, but if you have a favourite old t-shirt looking for a project, bring it along! No skills required.

1 ½ hrs Workshop.

Christmas Decorations from Scraps! (The Town Pantry)

Christmas Decorations from Scraps! (The Town Pantry)

Wednesday 8th December 2021 – Arrive from 9:30am for a 10:00am start.

Make a range of cute and festive decorations from odds and ends of fabric and trimmings! This will make Christmas feel very special, because seeing something you have created for Christmas will make you glad that you know how to make these festive decorations.

Bring your own scrap bag, or help yourself from ours!

1 ½ hrs Workshop.


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