For the most part, new clothing creates a huge burden on the environment due to the chemicals used to create the fabric and clean the fabric. Because of this, the more you can buy used items and those made sustainably the better for the environment. If you want to ensure that your shopping trips are greener, consider these green clothing shopping tips below.

• Get to Know Your Favorite Brands – Before buying from any company check out their practices. You may find out that some of your brands are sustainable and some aren’t. That may be disappointing, but at least you’re operating with knowledge instead of just buying without thinking.

• Buy Handmade Clothing – Even if some materials are highly processed, buying handmade clothing can still help lower the cost of the clothing regarding the environment. In addition, they are typically made with fibers that are more natural and last longer too.

• Go to Second-hand shops – No matter what the material is made of when you buy used, you’re not adding to the landfills or the pollution of processing at all. This is truly guilt-free shopping. That stuff is already out there and has been made.

• Don’t Discount Garage Sales – Look at your local paper or the Facebook Market place to find local garage sales. People sell things at garage sales for pennies on the dollar. It’s going to save money and keep stuff out of the landfill.

• Clean Your Wardrobe – Most of us have clothing we never wear. Try to develop some form of style for yourself and color palette. This is going to help cut down on how much you need. If everything matches and works together that’s going to mean you need a lot less.

• Shop Out of Season – If you do go to regular stores, once you note the brands that are sustainably made, consider shopping out of season. Usually, the clothing will be on sale. It’s already produced so you won’t be ordering things that are going to be made after you order.

• Learn to Sew – If you can sew you can control the materials, you use better. Plus, you can also repurpose used items easier too. You can buy a used jacket from Goodwill, which is slightly large, alter it, and make it look as if it was made for you or your child.

You don’t have to look unfashionable to find clothing that is sustainable and green. It’s more important than ever to look for new materials that create a smaller carbon footprint, like hemp fabrics, natural cotton, and even fabrics made from recycled materials. Follow these green clothing shopping tips to make a difference.